• Heidi Grimwood

Where Will Your Spa Career Take You Next?

How do our spas recover from such a crisis like the Covid-19 pandemic?

It’s not like a recession that we have all seen over the years; it’s much more complex than that and as we know, no one has experienced it in modern times in order for us to understand how to deal with it the best way.

So, the first thing to remember is, no matter what you are doing - you are doing great. At the moment we are all still finding our feet and there may be small errors along the way but as long as we listen to our government policies and follow what guidelines they have set in place, everything else we do is simply trial and error. So stop being so hard on yourself - you are doing great!

During the lockdown, we have taken advantage of some amazing webinars, online learning, and even conferences but let’s not stop it here. Many of us have had time to stop for the first time in well, forever if we are honest. We have been able to look from the outside into our businesses and our careers. Asking questions like:

“Is this industry really for me?”

“Why am I doing this?”

“What’s the way forward after lockdown for me?”

We’ve had ‘free’ time to work on our businesses but don’t let that stop now because we go back into our old ways of the run run run and never stop to analyse or dissect the results. Taking time out of your business to work ON your business is vital. It’s not time we can't find, it’s time we can’t afford NOT to have.

As the saying goes “If we are not growing we are simply dying”. If you are not constantly growing as a professional no matter what level you are, then you will become stale in your work. This will affect your staff, your competitiveness in the industry, and of course you. You will become less productive, less passionate, and possibly question what you are doing in your job.

So make sure you are learning and developing you and your team. Inspire them to learn more by being a product of your product. Bring samples of books you might be reading to share inspiring information and ‘food for thought’ for your team, recommend great reading for them to grow, value training time - do you know how much more you will grow by scheduling one-hour training every single week? They don’t all have to be at work, they can join via zoom!! There are literally no excuses these days to upskill and develop in order to continue to see your career and business growth.

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