What’s the difference between a spa consultant and a spa management company?

It’s the most asked question since we launched FG Innovation Management Ltd. Surely setting up or turning around a spa as a consultant for 12 month contract is just as effective as having a spa management company come into your business long term?

Let’s first explore both roles and then I can explain better the difference between the two services.

What is a spa consultant?

I’m not going to give you a classic synopsis or Wikipedia version; I’m going to explain how my job as a spa consultant has been for the past six years:

I’ve always been a very hands-on manager so it made sense when I became a spa consultant to continue my success through mentoring, training and development. As a spa consultant I offer all this and more. My services range from new builds, to refurbishment to business acceleration and crisis management. With each and every contract I spend time analysing the business, understanding from eye level (I spend a lot of time on the shop floor) what is needed to accelerate the business. It is crucial that the spa manager and team have everything they need to bring their business to a higher level. As a consultant I mentor, advise and train the entire team to understand the running of the business. Depending on the company I am working for I may be lucky enough to liaise with the marketing department, senior company managers (if a hotel or resort), develop food menus and much more but my main focus is empowering the spa manager to accelerate their skills and team which will in turn accelerate the business making it more financially profitable and commercially successful.

My challenge

I won’t lie, every consultancy contract I have finished has been with a heavy heart because I treat all my contracts like they are my own spa business, my heart and soul is put into the progression and development of the business and team. However, often the spa may not get as much support from the hotel/resort they are working for (due to many factors including the lack of understanding about the running of this department), there might be a change of staff and suddenly the spa is back on a downward spiral and then I get the inevitable phone call asking me to start the process all over again……. And yes it is costly to the business!!

What is a spa management company?

So how can a spa management company benefit a business I hear you say? How can more out goings from the spa each month result in a good decision to bringing in a management company?

I can’t speak for other management companies, only for our own – but the easiest way to explain it is it’s like having a spa consultant working in your business on a permanent basis and let’s face it, that only can be good for business!

Everything we offer in the spa consulting contract stands in the management contracts, but with much more. We offer a full training and development plan for all team members allowing them to progress and develop their skills. We come on site weekly, our Go to the Spa platform shouts very loudly about our spas to give them maximum digital exposure and the best thing of all – we are focused on the spa business all day every day so there is never a time where the spa is on a downward spiral without us as a company proactively managing it. Which means when a GM of a hotel or resort is bogged down with all the other departments they have to manage and develop; they have peace of mind knowing that the spa (usually an alien place to many GM’s) is being pushed to its maximum potential all year round. You get everything that a spa consultant offers with plenty of added value and you never have to fear that the contract will end because we stay as long as we are needed!

Spas are our life day in and day out, why wouldn’t you entrust the experts to look after and grow your spa business?

If you would like to know more about our spa management services, we would love to meet you for a no obligation herbal tea and chat about what you are looking for and how we can help your spa business.

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