What is a Business Spa Manager and Why Are They Changing the Future of the Spa Industry?

The Ted Talk in my booster module called 'Who Am I?', Susan Colantuono discusses why many women in business struggle to develop a strategic financial acumen.

I have seen in many spas around the world, that they may look beautiful, they may have a fantastic team and amazing reputation but financially they are troubled.

For most spa managers have been promoted from a therapist/assistant manager to a spa manager. After working for years as a therapist, working tough hard days with back to back clients – the first thing on your mind as a new manager is – I need to make sure my staff are happy and not over stretched.

Many spa managers will look emotionally at the situation and make decisions not necessarily based on the financial benefits of the business but more so the staff and customer benefits.

I look in more detail in my future online courses about how we can put all these together to created happy staff, happy customers, happy spa managers and happy owners. But for this module I wanted to focus on what it means to be a business spa manager rather than just a spa manager.

I have always prided myself on the fact I have been lucky enough to be trained as a business spa manager first and foremost. There after I developed my staff management skills and my customer service skills. I learned when to take out the emotions in business to ensure I made the right decisions.

If your business is not financially sustainable then no matter how hard you and your team work you will not get positive feedback from the spa owner. No business is sustainable on a negative bottom line (the bottom line means the overall profit and loss after all income and expenses are taken into account).

So many aggrieved spa managers tell me that they are simply not appreciated in their company. That no matter how hard they work, the owner/GM is never happy. So I ask them, what will make the owner/GM happy? All spa managers say the same:


I go on to explain that if you are not financially performing then it really doesn’t matter how good you are at everything else.

NO – you are not going to get that refurbishment you so desperately need

NO – you are not going to get new equipment that has been broken for months

NO – your staff are never going to get paid rises or financial rewards

NO – you as a manager are never going to get new opportunities to develop and grow

The answer from the GM/owner will always be NO NO NO

So how do you turn all those NO’s into YES YES YES?

I have worked in the spa industry for over 20 years. I have financially succeeded in every spa I have managed and consulted in.

Was it quick and easy?


But like going to the gym and getting results, you need to take it slow and steady to achieve long term, sustainable results where you are improving year on year.

It’s time that spa managers are seen as serious business managers and not a mediocre position within the industry.

It’s time that other industry managers are looking to spa managers for guidance on how they can achieve amazing financial results.

But how do we get to this point?

By following my online courses, I will take you step by step on a career developing journey that will shape you into one of the best business spa manager’s in the industry. Making you a sought after business manager exceeding the expectations of the owner/GM of your company, creating a highly effective and sustainable therapist team and creating a high profile spa that everyone is talking about and wants to visit time and again.

I am honoured to be a part of your spa business development journey and am excited to see the amazing results you are going to achieve.

Don’t forget when you sign up to the full program launching in December 2017; you will receive the above module for FREE plus, you have two FREE one to one Skype consultations with me. (full value €345). Use your time wisely, write down questions prior to our sessions and ensure you have a quiet environment to focus on our one to one sessions.

Let’s get going!

Heidi Grimwood

Spa Consultant and Digital Marketer


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