What Does Attention to Detail Mean to You?

I received a wonderful question this week:

Laura Spa Owner from Italy asked ~ To give a 5-star experience, what different solutions do you offer in the treatment room, in the relaxation room, etc to give/meet the guest's expectations?

My reply

In the spa environment every guest will have had different experiences and difference expectations during their visit. However, the attention to detail is where the difference will be between a regular spa experience and a five-star experience.

So what is ‘attention to detail?’


Attention to Detail. Definition. Achieves thoroughness and accuracy when accomplishing a task through concern for all the areas involved.

"Attention to detail" The ability to manipulate small pieces of data with accuracy and focus is a crucial skill in a broad range.

Attention to detail skills allows you to improve your workplace productivity, efficiency and performance.

The above are all very generic explanations but in a spa if you complete your work or offer your services with efficiency, accuracy and thoroughness you will simply be the same as most of your competitors. To me the five star experience are the small touches, it’s the part of the experience where as a client I can say, 'wow I’m not just another customer they have really listened to my needs, they really care about my entire experience and spa journey today.' Or if I am a returning client, it’s the small things they remembered about me and my needs.

A classic example is my local gastro pub who serves consistently wonderfully delicious food. But there are other businesses in our local town who also serve wonderfully delicious food. However, whether I am in there on my own or with my family the owner is more often than not, visible. And without a second thought he will always stop, say hi, ask us how we are and ensure everything is OK. Many places we visit the owner will only stop and chat with people they know well but this man does not we are all valuable customers in his eyes. And for that we recommend the place and we bring friends and family. Plus I am Coeliac so I have a special dietary requirement and whenever I go out to eat, even though I have asked for the Coeliac option, when I order my coffee at the end of the meal they always add a biscuit which is NOT gluten free, it is the standard that they are adhering to but NOT the attention to detail which will make them five star. However, this local gastro pub ensures I only receive a gluten free biscuit with my coffee expect for one day when they had run out and they acknowledged this, apologised and ensured me they would have more on my next visit, and they did.

So you see the five star experience needs to go further. This is why when your receptionist is making the booking it is vital they ask key questions so they have an understanding of the client even before they arrive at the spa (this is discussed in the Successful Sales and Consultation course). Make sure they take notes and pass on key information to the receptionist checking them in and their therapist. You need to teach your staff to be more observant. The exercise in the Customer Service and Hospitality course will give you an idea how observant your team are. Do role play with them and see what they see and what things they observe when they are looking after a guest.

For example, I would ask them, did you hear the client say ‘I’ll try’ when you gave them their consultation form. They have mentioned they didn’t bring their reading glasses – so either have some spare reading glasses at your reception desk (which I always do) and/or offer to read the consultation questions to them and complete the answers for them.

I loved an experienced I had once where a therapist asked me as part of the set up when I was on the treatment bed:

‘Are you usually a hot or a cold person’

I said ‘definitely hot’

She said ‘I thought so, will I turn the heated blanket off now or do you want to let me know when you have had enough of it? Oh and let me know if you want me to uncover your feet at any stage’

I was so impressed she instinctively knew as a hot person what my concerns might be throughout the treatment and pre-empted a solution even before they arose. Now that’s five star!!

You see how none of this costs extra money, none of these small but essential actions mean we need a bigger budget?

What you DO need is to train your staff, to get them to understand what attention to deal means in your spa. It will be the difference between clients returning to your business and always remaining loyal and them moving around to different businesses because none of them completely fulfill exactly what they want and need.

I would love to hear your feedback on what attention to detail means to you?

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