What Can You Do If You Are Losing Bookings?

Can We Still Go to the Spa?

During these uncertain times all businesses worldwide have been impacted with reduced bookings, cancellations and clients simply unsure what they should do.

This is not the time as a business to admit defeat and hide away until the storm has passed. You can create contingency plans and save as much of your business as possible. It is not all doom and gloom just yet. There are plenty of people who are still carrying on with their daily lives, albeit possibly/hopefully with more precaution.


The biggest thing people are looking for at the moment is reassurance. They possibly don’t want to embark on a full spa day but maybe you can entice them in for a treatment and relax time in the treatment room after instead of the shared relaxation areas? Don’t encourage the use of the pool and thermal facilities but instead offer a reduced price or better still I prefer to offer added value so add something on for free. It’s quite possible at the moment you have time to give extra to your clients so lets get to it!

Make it known what your health and hygiene policies are. We all know we follow stringent procedures within our businesses but now more than ever we need to communicate this with our clients.


If you are a day spa or wellness centre, often your marketing is an added job for you to look after each day and if you are a hotel or resort spa or wellness centre, possibly you don’t get as much digital exposure as you would like. During these tough times we would like to increase OUR service offering to your business to support you even more through these times. Like I mentioned above, this is something our digital team at Go to the Spa offer on a daily basis but possibly you didn’t know! We would like to upgrade your listing with a massive 75% off valid until 15th March 2020.

In return we will offer all of the below and anything bespoke you would like assistance with feel free to chat with your lead digital director Heidi Grimwood who would be delighted to assist you with your digital requirements. Let us help you get the word out there that you are open for business.

Your Listing Includes:

  • 1st Page Featured Listing

  • Onsite Review & Blog

  • Run Competitions

  • Promote Spa Offers

  • Promote Hotel Spa Offers

  • Weekly tags on Social Media

  • Weekly Posts on Social Media

  • Link To Your Website

  • Add Social Media Links

  • Add Events & Promotions

  • Receive & Reply to Reviews

  • Unlimited Blogs & Articles

  • Unlimited Photos & Videos

  • Monitor Profile Statistics

For more information contact Heidi on 085 7330038

To accelerate your business exposure today


and use the code ‘save75’ when checking out.

Monthly subscriptions also available.

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