Traditional Hammam Ritual

Traditional Hammam Ritual (Treatment time 30 minutes)

Routine check before treatment

  • Water for the therapist (stay hydrated)

  • Make sure the shower area & hammam is clean and ready for use

  • Make sure water in the hammam is warm

  • Check warm room & steam is  working before you take your guest through (NB Steam should not be on during the entire treatment)

  • Therapists to cut & prepare fresh fruit before treatment. Therapists should know the names of the fruit and explain benefits to the guests (Bring out fruit & tea to the guest in the relaxation room at the end of the treatment)

Set-up (for 1 guest)

  • Treatment in progress on the door

  • 1 glass of water for guest

  • Enough towels in the basket ((note how many they should use?))

  • Black soap

  • Kessa

  • Argan oil

  • 2 x Hammam buckets and 1 hammam bowl (or use shower)

  • 2 bowls for products

  • 1x Robe for therapist

  • 1x Robe for guest

  • 1x Moroccan cloth for guest

  • 2 x towels for face/head

Inside the Hammam

  • Make sure wall panels/all marble slabs are heated before treatment

  • Turn on steam before treatment to start heating the area (Steam should not be on during the entire treatment)

  • Keep the hammam on (while guest inside) to warm up their body

  • Place 1 hammam bowl and a 2 buckets near washbasin

  • 2 bowls for products consisting of:

  • 1 bowl for black soap

  • 1 bowl for argan oil

  • 1 kessaper guest to scrub the body

  • 1 small towel on top of table/slab - for resting guest head

  • Follow the usual welcome procedure i.e “Welcome to Moroccan Essentials spa, my name is Sarah…” (refer to word document)

From Outside to In Hammam

  • Walk in to the hammam first, remember to close the door behind guest to keep heat in the hammam

  • Is all jewellery in the bowl (apart from rings)

  • Help guests with their gown & slippers, give a Moroccan cloth,

  • Ask guest to follow you to the indoor hammam warm-area, explain shower & the hammam area

  • Ask female guest if she is comfortable taking off her bikini top, advise she will get more out the treatment and it's a safe space,

  • Give guest a Moroccan cloth (take off before ritual)

The Hammam Ritual

  • Ask guest to sit on heated bench, explain the warmth is preparing their skin for exfoliation

  • Give glass of water, leave guest for 5 minutes to relax and get warm & sweaty

  • Guide guest into the main hammam  (Steam in main hammam should be turned off at this point)

  • Ask guest to remove Moroccan cloth & to lay on marble slab face down, their forehead resting on the towel

  • Now open the taps (or shower) and fill 2 buckets with warm water

  • 1st bucket pour water over guests body gently, start from feet (ask if the temperature is ok, adjust accordingly) continue up the legs, back, arms to shoulders, avoid head

  • Repeat until bucket is empty, reach for the 2nd bucket & repeat. (The 1st bucket should go under running water to fill up, to save time)

Black Soap Ritual

  • Before applying, explain benefits of the black soap, apply all over the body in light effleurage movement, starting from the feet, legs, back, arms up to the neck

  • Leave black soap on body for 5 minutes

  • Use buckets water (or shower) wash off all traces of black soap


  • Start from feet, legs, back, arms

  • Wash off dead skin use buckets water (or shower)

  • Ask them to sit up and turn over and lay on their back, ask if they need water

  • Apply the same black soap ritual again for front of body

  • Wash off all black soap with buckets

  • Exfoliate front of the body, start from feet, legs, stomach, chest, arms (avoid face and neck)

  • Use buckets (or shower) wash off dead skin cells

Final Bucket Rinse

  • Ask guest if they want cool or hot water for 1 final bucket rinse (cool is advisable for good blood circulation and to balance out the heat from the body)

  • Ask how the person feels

 End of Treatment

  • Guide guest

  • Give guest a robe, slippers and jewellery

  • Guide them to the chill area for relaxation, tea & fruits

  • Advise guest to book in for next treatment (refer to word document)

Offer homecare advise and product routine


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