Top 4 Ways for Re-Connecting with Local Clients

It's now the time to refresh and recoup after a fabulous summer and hopefully a busy one for you all. Many of our tourists have gone back home, if you are a hotel or resort spa rooms are quieter and we are looking to our local clients to keep revenue ticking along for the next few months.

So what have you planned in your annual sales and marketing plan to cater for this down time?

- Coffee mornings for Mum's and stay at home Dad's? - Health, wellness or beauty evenings? - Specials in local media?

Top 4 things to remember:

Price War

It's not about price and actually never has been, in our own heads we have made it about a price war.

You need to stop thinking 'how low can I go?' You have to start thinking 'What are our USP's?' 'Why should they book with us?'

Personal Experience Make sure you remember your local clients by name. Remember their preference like slipper size, types of juice they prefer etc. Welcome them back – a thank you goes a long way. Give them an incentive to bring a friend (s).


Run a Christmas competition for locals. Once again it doesn’t have to be all freebies, because many people who enter competitions online will never actually return as a paying customer, but reward locals who do visit your spa and invite them to enter the competition after their visit.

Just Do It Don't wait until it's too late to capture your local clients. Think of the reasons they SHOULD be coming to you, not the reasons they shouldn't. People love to feel valued and they want the hard earned money that they will be spending in your business to be appreciated. They don’t want free things they want a personal experience and a ‘welcome back it is great to see you again Joan’.

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