The Spa Hub Training Schedule 2020

Spa Business Training Courses and Onsite Visits Schedule for 2020

Current schedule:

  • Ireland - Various dates available

  • Maldives - March & August 2020

  • Mauritius - August 2020

The Spa Hub business training and development programs are designed to accelerate your business financially and commercially. I have worked in the spa and wellness industry for over 20 years and still work directly with spa management and spa teams, my hands-on approach ensures I am fully aware of the daily operational challenges spas can experience. The initiatives I offer are practical and achievable with continuous online assistance following my visit. Plus as a bonus, all staff and management gain free access to the online training school

Choose from the following options:

  • 1 Day CPD Accredited Spa Revenue Acceleration - analysing gross profit, room utilisation, revenue hacks, promotions with high profit, success with retail sales and developing profitable wellness programs (ideal for spa directors, managers, assistant managers, and supervisors)

  • 1 Day Business Analysis - Purposefully designed to focus your mind on understanding the needs of your business as a whole, its’ strategic direction and identifying initiatives that will allow your business to meet those strategic goals. I will analyze your spa including a mystery guest visit with a full report, a financial analysis with suggestions for boosting revenue and reducing costs whilst improving your guest’s journey.

  • 1 Day CPD Accredited Successful Retail Sales - Ideal for all therapists, receptionists and in-house spa trainers looking to improve their team's consultation process in order to improve sales, re-bookings, reviews, and customer satisfaction. We will cover personality types, the client’s needs, creating a strong consultation process that actually starts from the very first point of contact. This module will empower your team to enhance their sales skills not only in retail sales but also in treatment up-selling techniques.

You can choose from one, two or all the onsite training or if you have specific training requirements we can also create bespoke training which will also be CPD accredited for your staff.

One Day Onsite training, mentoring and development fees $900/€800

Two days onsite training, mentoring and development fees $1,600/€1,450

Three days onsite training, mentoring and development fees $2,100/€1,900

For a free, no-obligation needs analysis call or video call contact Heidi on 085 7330038 or email

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