The Fear of Retail Sales as a Spa Therapist

It’s one of the most talked about challenges in the spa for therapists. Some love the thrill of sales and happily recommended products to all their guests without fail; other therapists live in pure fear of even broaching the subject with their guests.

So why is ‘retailing’ such a feared word and in some cases even a dirty word?!

Well it all comes down to how the spa manager approaches the subject with their team.

Why Do We Retail?

You have to understand that recommending products should NOT be a sales pitch. If your therapist is thinking about sell, sell, sell then they are on the wrong path to success. It’s not about selling.

We as therapists are professionals in our own right; we are privileged to be able to help people feel better. Whether the guest has aches and pains, skin problems, insomnia, depression, wants to firm and tone…….I could go on. Now I’m not saying that we are doctors and can prescribe or medicate but I guarantee you read the above list and knew an oil, cream or product that could help with those problems.

If a friend come to you and said "My shoulders and neck are always sore" – would you say nothing and continue allowing them to be in pain? No, usually as therapists we would say, jump up on my treatment bed and let me take a look, I’m sure I can ease some of this discomfort. In the same way we offer this to guests – but we all know that one treatment is not going to solve the problem, nor will the results last unless you continue treating the problem. Do we offer one facial and tell the guest that they don’t need to cleanse, tone or moisturise for the next six weeks until they return for their next facial – NO! It requires maintenance.

So the answer to the above question – why do we retail? Well we are only giving 50% of the service if we do not educate our guests on how they maintain the amazing results we have given them during their treatment.

Have Products Known to the Therapists for Each Ailment

Although we want to tailor-make each home care kit for our guests there are ‘go to’ products in all spas. Including relaxing oils, invigorating oils, creams, gels or oils to reduce muscle inflammation, soothing bath products and invigorating shower gels. Help your therapists by identifying key ‘go to’ products that they can recommend in a body treatment.

When it comes to facials, NEVER put down the products your client is using unless they ask your opinion. I would typically ask them what their facial routine is and if they were happy with the results of their products. Only if I got a reply ‘no’ would I gently enquire as to what they didn’t like about the results the products gave them. Quite often people do have some kind of skin routine, and are fairly happy with what they have, spa clients are usually regulars with the spa facials and if they swapped and changed their entire product line very time they listened to a therapist, well let’s just say their dresser would become rather full. However identifying gaps in their routine is always best. BUT if they have not mentioned for example that deep set lines on their forehead is a concern then its best not to prescribe products for this area!!! Recently I was prescribed filler for the deep set lines on my forehead – I am still traumatised and also trying to find them!! I loved the questions a therapist at the Bvlgari spa in London asked me ‘tell me Heidi if I could wave a magic wand today, what could I do for you?” Well my mind was bouncing everywhere!! It was one of the best questions a therapist has ever asked. Because from this question she got my true, deep set desires of what I would love – then at the end of the treatment she was easily able to reconnect with those desires and recommend the best products for me to achieve this.

It’s Not about Price

The obstacle about price often arises. Sometimes with the therapist thinking that the guest can’t afford it and then the guest saying ‘oh that’s too expensive’.

There are going to be some guests who simply do not want to buy products and accept that. But if you have completed your full consultation correctly, if you have identified their wants and needs and are meeting their emotional needs (remember we are emotional buyers), then it rarely comes down to a price factor. Also if you only recommend one product you are shooting yourself in the foot because half of 1 is……. Exactly ½ and we can’t sell a guest half a product! But if you recommend a minimum of 3 then they potentially will take 1 or 2 products if not all 3!

It becomes about price if the guest feels they are just another spa client, have had a mediocre treatment and then their therapist recommends products that are not even linked to their wants or needed because guess what – the therapist didn’t even ask!!

I was a successful professional with retail sales because every single client knew their packages were tailor made to suit their wants and needs, I had listened to them, absorbed the information and made sure I recommended the best home care program for them.

What Do You Do If a Guest Says No?!

So what if they say no! isn’t it better to know you tried to help them to feel better through the home care package you have recommended rather than given them no information at all?

Don’t Forget the Freebies

Yes there are some freebies and they come in the form of information, your valuable knowledge and information. Think about how you can add free information into the recommendations to make it look so much more valuable. Showing a guest some stretches, maybe some anti ageing massage techniques, the list is endless. We think that everyone knows this information but they don’t. Sharing is caring so share your amazing knowledge and start making a difference in people’s lives by recommending home care to them after their treatments.

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