Spa and Pampering Days at Home with the Kids

Note - this is just for fun!!

Less than one week down and I am already feeling the cabin fever. I’m lucky I have a gorgeous 12 year old daughter who is fairly low maintenance (well we haven’t hit the teenage years yet!!) but I understand in these uncertain times that we need to keep our spirits up and if your kids are anything like mine, the homework they were given is still in the school bag…… there’s little motivation to do anything at the moment.

Being in the spa and wellness industry you would think I have an active pre-teen thinking all things holistic……. To be honest if I didn’t remember giving birth to her I would think she was someone else’s kid because she does not take after me! However, I have managed to get her attention, albeit for short periods of time doing fun spa and wellness inspired activities. We wanted to share them with you and hopefully inspire you but more important put a smile on your face.

Facial Session

We have plenty of items in our cupboards to make homemade masks. I didn’t create these recipes but had saved them ages ago when I was in discussion about creating kids eco spas!! Still another mad business plan in the drafts folder 😊

Banana and Honey Face Mask

This mask is especially cool because it will suit most kids (think of gluten, egg and dairy allergies that a lot of kids have so this allows them to be include and it’s also cheap).

You Will Need:

½ a ripe banana

1 tbsp of honey

How To:

The banana face pack helps to rehydrate skin. The face pack keeps the skin firm and prevents the onset of wrinkles in older age.

Mash half portion of a ripe banana until you obtain a smooth pulp. Heat the honey on low flame and slowly mix it with the banana paste. Blend them well to obtain a soft and fine paste. Apply the banana paste on damp face and neck. Leave the face mask for about half an hour.

This is Gracie's take on it!!

During this time the kids can pair up and you can teach them fun, seated neck and shoulder massage techniques there are fun names you use for each move so they remember them easily or do some seriously relaxing scalp massage moves.

The kids then wash their face with lukewarm water.

Orange Face Mask

If you use rice flour it makes it gluten free for the Coeliac kids however it can be pricey. Your alternative cheaper option is to use Aldi’s plain gluten free flour.

You will need:

2 tsp. orange juice

5-6 drops lime juice

1 tsp. rice flour

3-4 drops of honey

How To:

Squeeze fresh oranges to obtain the said quantity of juice and transfer it into a bowl. Add honey and lime juice to the bowl and mix the content well. Lastly, add the rice flour and mix thoroughly to obtain a smooth and creamy paste. Apply the paste to facial region, leaving under eye area and lips. Let the pack dry for 15-20 minutes and then wash off with lukewarm water.

I have purposely left out the products that contain yogurt, eggs and oats for the allergy kids. This way you don’t have to be creating different masks for only one or two kids.

Yoga and Stretching

Keep it simple and do a few poses with them. Often our kids have taken yoga classes at school so ask them to teach a move and then you can do the next. At the end of your session use cucumber for the eyes and get them to lie down on the mats or blankets and put on some relaxation music. Teach them the below breathing techniques.

Massage Share

The video is above of the scalp massage. You can add seat neck and shoulder. Another massage I love it a foot and ankle massage!!! But make sure those toes are not stinky!!

Manicures & pedicures

We have plenty of nail polish and nail art scattered around the house thanks to birthday and Christmas presents. Now’s the time to get creative because if like me you aren’t going to any corporate meetings for a while, let your little people be creative with your digits!

Plank competitions

Boys especially love this exercise and it’s great fun to get the whole family involved. See who can last the longest and do it every day with a chart on the wall to see who tots up the most amount of time in the plank. A little prize of a home massage can be on offer for the winner!

Breathing and Relaxation (even with your homemade face mask!)

I like to do guided relaxation with kids so I get them to shut their eyes, and walk them into a forest where they meet their favourite animals. I get them to name their animals, then I get them to meet their fairy and go for a nice walk with the animals and fairy through the forest, getting them to smells flowers and feel soft plants. It’s a visualisation technique that is really good to use when a kid is anxious, had a bad dream or even just to get them to calm down.

Digital Detox

I use an app called ‘familytime’ which allows me to limit the time she spends on her phone. She only gets two hours a day and the phone blocked from 9pm to 7am plus she has to place it on my desk so it doesn’t distract her at night. An hour before her bed time she has to switch off all digital devices and read or just relax with me and tell me about her day. But I find if she has her phone or tv right up until bed time her sleep is not as restful or as long.

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