Retail Challenges in a Massage – Can This Revenue Really Be Increased?

Let's talk about how to retail in a massage. Many therapists seem to find it very easy to recommend in a facial but never even attempt to recommend or retail in a massage.

I have asked many therapists why and they all say the same – I don’t want to disturb them they have come here to relax.

Everyone who visits your spa wants to leave with results, whether that’s a facial to improve the appearance of their skin, an exfoliation to remove dead skin cells, a body wrap to detoxify their body or a massage, to relax tense muscles.

My question is;, why do you think it is ok for a guest to leave after a massage with no recommendations but you give them a full prescription after a facial? Surely by ignoring their needs in a massage means you are only doing half your job.

To me, home care, retail, recommendations whatever you want to call it is part of the consultation process and guest journey. If I am coming to you for a massage I can guarantee you will find areas of tension and discomfort in my back, neck or shoulders. So why wouldn’t you then tell me what I need to do at home in between my massage treatments to reduce the tension and help me feel better?

Makes sense doesn’t it?

But what products do you recommend? Well that all depends on the type of client you have. (Referring to my online training modules) do you have a Driver Personality? The driver personality is fast moving, they don’t tend to have time for long drawn out procedures, they like condensed, to the point, results driven. Therefore a driver personality will prefer relaxing shower gel to help them to sleep at night rather than a bath soak, they need techniques that are convenient and to the point, not all evening pampering as they rarely take the time to do this for themselves.

If you have an Amiable Personality, they do like to take their time, they would love to have a relaxing bath to ease their aching muscles, the amiable client will use techniques that are slower, more relaxing and they don’t mind spending time to do this if it means they feel better.

So before you just make up a ‘massage package’ that gets recommended to everyone, make sure you understand their personality of what they use at home, not what you want them to use. Recommend your massage after care to suit their lifestyle, their budget and most importantly their personality.

Massage recommendations should NEVER be missed but before you can recommend you need to make sure you have completed the consultation, planted the seed and really understood your client.

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