Recruitment Opportunities in the Spa Industry

Over the past 18 months I have seen a huge decline in the amount of good quality resumes coming through the doors of spas. As a spa consultant I find it really concerning that the spa industry is growing fast worldwide yet the number of good quality qualified therapists seems to be declining or worse – changing careers as they see no career path in spas.

As Go to the Spa grows I have created new initiatives including the launch of our digital magazine in July 2018, on site digital media visits and building a community of business people who I like to work with and who compliment the work I am doing. I can’t do it all by myself and there is plenty of work out there for all of us, so I decided to start affiliating my company with other businesses who I would be happy to recommend in the spa and hospitality industry.

I am pleased to announce our latest collaboration with Beautiful Ireland’s only dedicated website offering recruitment solutions for the hair, beauty and spa industry.

As a spa consultant I find that recruitment is a real challenge, getting good quality resumes through the door can be a task in its self. Beautiful jobs offers more than just online job adverts, they can also organise recruitment days, press releases, product launches and additional recruitment marketing for your business including multi platform job advertising.

Recruitment doesn’t need to be so difficult when you have dedicated partners like Beautiful Jobs. I was speaking to one of my spa clients recently and they were delighted with a huge influx of good quality resumes coming through. When I asked where the applicants had come from they said Beautiful That same week they contacted me at Go to the Spa to discuss collaboration and of course it made total sense.

All members of Beautiful will receive 20% discount off our business listings and all Go to the Spa members will receive 10% off job listings and 20% off marketing and advertising services.

It’s great to be working together so that all of our businesses thrive and most importantly fulfilling my mission to build a strong community of spa professionals with a development journey to keep moving forward in the industry. It’s a new era for spa professionals and I am excited to be a part of it.

Check out Beautiful Multi-Platform Advertising and packages here

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