People Don’t Buy Boxes – Time to Buff Up Your Retail Shelves

The retail area of a spa can make or break the retail element of the business. People don’t want to be sold to they want to buy. But neatly placing your products on the shelves in their boxes will not entice the customer to buy once they have left your treatment room. People buy with their eyes.

I used to work in New Look clothes store when I was a teenager and we used to receive deliveries of clothes that were folded and placed in individual bags. But we didn’t put them out in the bags; we took them out of the bags and placed them on hangers, put them on mannequins, rails coupled with other clothing items that would create an outfit. We created a visual idea of what they can look like in the clothes.

Spa products are no different. We buy with our eyes, we are emotional buyers, so create an emotion. They have already been on a beautiful spa journey so why do you then stop the journey on check out?

Put your products in an order that they understand how to use them. For example a cleanser and toner should be together. Separate difference skin types so people can see what is available in that range. Place small tent cards next to some products with top tips on how to use them. Always have your lower priced products on the reception desk, like lip balms, teas and easy retail items that people should just pick up and buy. Penny’s or Primark is a classic example of effective retailing. There are small items right next to the till so even when you think you have finished shopping they are giving you one last chance to spend more money.

Change your retail shelves around in a regular basis, give the shelves a good clean and refresh the displays. Make sure your monthly product promotions are visible, give people the opportunity to see what they are buying. I can’t visualise a box on my dressing table at home, but I can visualise a bottle.

Do you have stock that is more than 3 months old? Then you need to work on your stock rotation, either break down the boxes and sell individual products or put it as part of a promotion. You shouldn’t be holding Christmas stock 6 months later for example.

Testers are often misused by spas and also the clients. I recommend a small selection of key items on or near the reception desk; again it gives the reception an opportunity to create conversation and give more information to the guest.

There are plenty of opportunities to recommend products, even re-book the guest in for more treatments but if your spa journey ends once you leave them in the relaxation area then you are missing key financial elements of your spa business.

For more information on effective recommendations through consultations and retails sales check out my CPD certified module here:

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