More Spa Revenue, Better Spa Career

I spent a lot of long years learning the secrets to advancing the spas I worked with (and my career).


I’m not one to toot my own horn. So, I’ll let some other people do that for me:

"Heidi focused on all key elements under her control very quickly and helped to achieve key objectives for the department and overall business. She is adept in all management skills including sales, cost and quality control and HR. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience.”

Des O'Dowd, Proprietor Inchydoney Island Lodge & Spa, Ireland

"Heidi took the time to understand the business objectives of our company and used all of her expertise to align the Spa offering to support all of our efforts in achieving our qualitative & monetary goals."

Pat Chawke, Director, O'Reilly Hotel Group, Ireland

“Working with Heidi at One & Only Reethi Rah Maldives was a huge highlight in my career…[She] came on board and really spent time mentoring me in all aspects of the spa business…she empowered me to really push myself and was there to coach me every step of the way.

[Heidi was] encouraging and supportive, extremely motivated and very inspiring, so much so that I continued my journey into Spa Management with confidence from the wealth of spa knowledge she shared with me. As a Spa Director myself now I hope I can inspire and develop my team in the same way Heidi did to me."

Victoria Childs, Director of Spa, Chuan Spa, Hong Kong

Over the course of 20 years, I’ve helped big names like:

  • QE2 Ocean Liner

  • One and Only Reethi Rah, Maldives

  • Aghadoe Heights Hotel and Spa, Ireland

  • Inchydoney Lodge and Spa, Ireland

make a complete 180 and start turning a massive profit.

And inside each of those companies, there were individuals (just like you) whose careers broke the sound barrier because of the strategies they applied.

So, if you want to discover:

  • The 3 steps to increasing your Spa’s profits by 30% in just 4 weeks

  • 5 things that may be sapping your spa’s profit-making power, and how to fix them

  • The no-nonsense profit producing tricks I’ve used to increase revenue for more than twenty-four spas and hotels across the world

  • Quick and painless cuts that will reduce overhead and ad spend, while improving guest experience

  • What to do when guests refuse to pay, and why. (If you get this wrong, people will walk away and Yelp you right out of business)

  • How to fix your guest experience and get your customers to tell everyone they know how great your spa is

  • How to never lose your cool and turn an irate customer into a walking billboard for your spa

Then click on over to Business Spa Manager’s Online Program before someone else gets that promotion you’ve been working towards.

Happy Advancing,


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