Is Your Spa Ready For The Wellness Traveller?

The spa client has become more sophisticated and the services we offer in our spas need to reflect these changes.

So many Spa Managers and Hotel Managers have asked me - 'What can we offer to stand out above our competitors?'

INTRODUCING - Your Wellness Traveller!!!!

Facts - taken from European Spa Magazine

Wellness tourism is high yield spending an average 65% more than your average tourist and 150% more than your average domestic tourist.

Average spend of a wellness tourist $2066 Average spend of a domestic tourist $680

Who are wellness travellers and what exactly are they looking for?

Your wellness traveller is looking for physical, psychological and spiritual activities.

When deciding what kind of services your spa business can offer it is important to work with your marketing department and generate stats. We NEVER just create new packages or services without facts. For example if you live in Ireland there are stats that show the German traveller is an excellent wellness traveller and therefore creating packages and promotions to connect with them would be worth your while. Get to know your customer, German travellers like structured trips with outdoor activities. They are used to different types of weather so will not mind getting out and facing the Irish elements. Find out what they do and don’t like. Also they are an excellent customer off peak as flights to Ireland out of season are very cheap and now more accessible.

Another example is if you live in places like India or Thailand where it is well known to offer Yoga retreats and packages. Find out where your wellness clients are travelling from. Focus on countries close by for off peak packages, as we can all book up in the high season but the secret to a successful business is making low season profitable. Find out how long your average wellness traveller likes to book for, what services they want and create bespoke packages around your findings.

Now it’s time to connect with wellness promoters and travel agents. Get something written up in the media or use influencers online to plug your programs. Fam trips with write ups are a great way to get word out. Be careful about using just any online influencers, make sure they have the captive audience you are seeking otherwise they get a free trip and you won’t get the return on your investment.

Don’t just rely on one way to advertise your new wellness packages, take it online, off line, word of mouth still remains the best form of advertising so make sure you encourage your clients to leave reviews on Trip Advisor.

Your spa needs to be much more than just massage and facials now. You need to stand out from your competitors and with a domestic spend of $680 versus a wellness spend of $2066 – I know where I will be focusing my attention to generate more business.

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