Is Your Spa or Salon Business on Temporary Shutdown? You Need to Read This

We are in unprecedented times. I was always a little too outspoken about the confidence of our professions citing it would be rather difficult to replace hands on therapies with robots and impossible to create a virtual spa treatment…….. I think?

But no one even thought of preparing for temporary closure. There is something to remember in these dark and stressful times, we haven’t lost our clients they will be back. Yes, we will lose some money and the rest of 2020 looks like it will be a tough one, but the fight is not over yet and I urge you to think outside of the box as to what you can do. Our clients buy products from us and more than ever they want to be outside less and less so make it easy for them to top up their product collection or even try something new!

I am a digital marketer as well as a spa consultant and I love teaching small businesses how to use the internet better to promote and expose their businesses.

There are a couple of things we can work on and I see many businesses pushing their gift voucher sales especially close to Mother’s Day. However, it is not money in the bank as such until it has been redeemed so yes, it’s a cushion but we need more.

After the stats of 2019 with reception retail sales decreasing due to online product sales and price wars, as an industry we needed to be considering selling products online anyway if we hadn’t started already. Now with the temporary shutdown of our businesses we have plenty of time to work on this.

But I hear you scream ‘we don’t have money to spend on a new or upgraded website’. For those of you who know me, you know I only recommend free or cost-effective digital solutions.

So, lets look at how you can launch your online store for a budget of under €100.

I am not getting any affiliate commission for this but is my platform of choice. They offer a 30-day free trial and have been very kind to extend this to 90 days in light of the current economic situation. The platform is user friendly and you don’t need a digital expert to help you.

I work directly with a Shopify account with our online store so know the ins and out of the account set up, adding products, shipping, promotions, marketing etc. It is an awesome platform and is currently costing us under €50 a month for online shop, hosting etc. You can have a free URL or for under €10 you can buy a domain from You will need to add a payment gateway which will take a little money off the sales price but is it not worth it to get your stock moving?

You have a data base of current clients through email, text and social media. I know it’s daunting getting online but videos/vlogs/blogs are a fantastic way to educate your clients new and old and create social interaction as well as a loyal following. And guess what it’s totally free!! I love following Skin Essentials by Mariga her Facebook handle is @SkinEssentialsByMariga. This lady is 10 steps a head of most and has been doing this for quite some time. Watch and learn. 😊

When you set up your new store the world is your oyster with how you promote. Some ideas - you can:

  • Run promotions (add codes, sales, money off certain items or the entire store)

  • Use the free apps available in Shopify.

  • Reward your clients with a half price treatment or free mini treatment with a certain online spend.

  • Ask your current product company if there are any FOC or gift with purchase you can avail of to get stock moving – they should be obliging and willing to help you.

  • Give your customers loyalty points for online product sales which they can redeem once you re-open.

  • You may have some gift with purchase left from previous promotions.

  • Possibly stock with a short sell by date.

Make sure you check online and see what prices others are selling their products but you don’t have to go lower or directly compete you just need to give your customers a good reason to buy from you. And remember if they are a regular customer they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST you so it’s a no brainer of course they want to earn their rewards you set in place, shop local and remain a customer of yours.

Everybody can win.

But as my friends and colleagues often remind me, it’s easy Heidi when you know how. I have had to deeply look at my own business this past few weeks and really analyse my WHY. Why did I create my business, what do I feel my purpose is? My sole reason for setting up consulting and training was to help others. It stems back to when I was a fitness trainer, I was extremely obese as a child and went on a strict diet and got into sports to get to a healthy size. I realised I wanted to teach others how they could do it and get their confidence back like I had got mine at the young age of 12. So by the time I was 18 I was teaching fitness and nutrition in New Zealand and since have spent my life teaching and helping people with the sole purpose of enriching their knowledge and confidence.

So for any small business owner who would like to learn how to set up their online shop and use social media in a better way I am offering FREE online sessions for anyone who would like to take this time to learn.

I want nothing in return other than the knowledge that I might have helped get a little cash flow to your business during these tough times.

Please share this blog with anyone you feel might benefit from it and please contact me directly on 085 7330038 or email to book your session.

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