Is There Enough Business Training in the Spa Industry?

The spa industry in Ireland is getting back on its feet after a tough recession. Tourism seasons are lasting longer and spa therapists are getting the hours they are looking for.

However for as longer as I can remember there has been a universal issue within the spa industry, with the lack of training and support. There is no organisation in Ireland and many other countries looking after the industry, it is left to the product companies to train and educate therapists and receptionists but let's face it all they want is high retail sales.

The longevity of a spa therapists career has reached burn out with so many therapists killing themselves during high season year on year with no career progression or opportunities.

I finally decided it was time to step in. In order for us to have a strong industry we need training and development for our spa staff. I meet so many spa managers who were promoted to that position simply because they were a strong retail sales therapist and had been there the longest. But what business training are they getting? Little to none.

My online training modules are designed to assist spa managers and aspiring spa managers to develop their business skills and build a strong career path. My training modules are heavily focused on the day to day running of the spa and how to create not only commercial success but financial success. My passion is to help build a career path for our therapists and keep them working in the spa industry for longer rather than having to constantly train new therapists from scratch.

If you would like more information about the training or would like to discuss how you can create a development plan for your spa staff, please feel free to contact me personally at

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