How to Fill Columns on Those Quiet Days

Ok so it's a quieter time of year. You are looking at your columns for tomorrow and there is very little in your therapists columns. What do you do? That's right you wave your magic wand!

Well actually no, you make a list. I always have a check list and make sure I have exhausted every avenue on my check list. Never accept an empty column until you, your team, the hotel team and management and your sales and marketing department have covered everything in order to try and get your columns filled.

First remember that it is not always the price point as to why your columns are not full. So don't rush to reduce your prices. I like to add value to my treatments rather than reduce the price. Do you have treatments that don't require therapist time like a hydrotherapy bath? If so use this to add value to your treatments rather than lose money.

So first:

YOU You need to ensure you have communicated to your team and the hotels management that you are trying to fill columns for the following day. Don't expect people to know you need help. Communication is essential. Then you need to empower your spa team:

YOUR TEAM Have a brief meeting with them in the morning explain you need more bookings for the following day and ensure they are setting up re bookings with that days clients, letting their friends and family know that there is a special for the next day. Include tea and scones or a warming hot chocolate and treat after their treatment so to add value rather than reduce price.


They are very busy with looking after the entire hotel however set up a little post for social media pages so they can send that out. However once again I wouldn't only be posting about the spa when you need bookings you need to ensure you are reaching your clients all the time. Very little immediate business comes from social media it's more repetitive exposure.

THE HOTEL MANAGEMENT AND TEAM Let the HOD's know that you need bookings, ask the accommodation manager to organise a flyer drop to in house guests, ask the front of house team to let the arrivals know there is a special in the spa, and the departures not everyone is rushing home! Ask all the staff to contact their family and friends to let them know theres a special on in the spa.

DON'T make your promotion generic, see who you are targeting and do a promotion accordingly.

If you have leisure centre members I would offer them a 'bring a friend for free' offer as it is not conducive to be trying to get back the same clients all the time. Try to empower your regulars to bring new people and then reward them with a treatment like the hydrotherapy bath which costs you little.

When you have your guests in, thank them for coming, get to know them, do you have a database where you can wish your clients a happy birthday and send them a voucher?

There are so many more ways but these are just some ideas for you. So even though your spa is quiet YOU should be very busy with your check list ensuring you have exhausted every avenue before you can relax. Because sometimes there are just quiet days but I don't accept that until my check list is ticked from top to bottom. If you reduce your prices too much it is costing you to open your doors so be careful before you slash prices.

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