CPD Accredited Certification for Business Spa Manager - The Irish Academy

CPD Accredited Certification for Business Spa Manager

This intensive course will give you the tools to further develop your spa as a business and increase bottom line profit.

Each participant will receive a CPD accredited certification for Business Spa Manager – the only accredited business spa course in Ireland.

After this course you will:

  • Be able to identify key treatments that will maximise gross profit.

  • Empower your reception team to increase therapist’s daily columns by a minimum of 20% revenue increase as well as reduce therapist work load.

  • Create a spa staff development plan to improve staff retention and encourage better quality staff applications in the future.

  • No more 60 hour weeks – time management specific to the spa environment.

  • Develop local marketing to improve brand loyalty and off peak business.

  • Develop the guest journey to maximise return ratio.

  • Gain a CPD Certification as an accredited Business Spa Manager.

Who is it for?

This course is ideal for spa business owners, current spa managers looking to refresh their skills and knowledge, assistant spa managers, aspiring spa managers, senior therapists and spa receptionists.

Sign Up Before 6th May.

Access to online courses commence 7th May where you will complete 8 Week CPD Certified Online Training - https://spa-hub.learnworlds.com/pages/courses

20th May Onsite Training (10am – 4pm in Dublin)

Increase Your Revenue - Learn 3 revenue hacks to instantly increase the revenue in your spa without leaving your reception desk.

Guest Journey - The guest experience and spa journey is paramount for your spas reputation and the difference between guests returning or not. This module will allow you to see your business from fresh eyes once again - you will be amazed what new ideas will come flooding in once you do.

17th June Onsite Training (10am – 4pm in Dublin)

Staff Retention - As the spa industry remains in crisis with an abundance of new spas opening worldwide. We face an ongoing challenge with maintaining staff levels. Creating a bespoke training and development plan for your staff will enable you to be strides ahead of your competitors reducing your risk of losing staff to them.

Time Management - being a spa manager is one of the most challenging roles. This module identifies the challenges and how to complete your weeks work without working a 60 hour week.

15th July Onsite Training (10am – 4pm in Dublin)

Social Media Marketing - in a digital world a strong social media presence is paramount. Learn top tricks and tips from an expert digital marketer.

Successful sales and consultations – looking at personality types, the client’s needs and a strong consultation process that actually starts from the very first point of contact; this module will empower you to enhance you staffs sales skills not only in retail sales but also in up selling techniques.


€795 per person paid in full (plus 20% funding from Skillnet if paid by employer)

€270 per month (over 3 months via direct debit)

€70 per week (over 12 weeks via direct debit)

Please note – CPD certificate will only be made available when attendees have paid in full.

Sign Up Before 6th May.

Access to online courses commence 7th May where you will complete an 8 Week CPD Certified Online Training

For more details or if you have any questions please contact Heidi on 085 7330038 or email info@heidigrimwood.com

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