• Heidi Grimwood

How to Boost Your Business Through Digital Spa Learning

Updated: Jul 13

Some spas have little spa learning available to staff or consider it 'nice to have' but other, more innovative spa organisations see spa learning as an essential 'must have'.

Spa learning goes much further than training in treatments and how to sell. It goes much deep than this and those who embark on this learning journey see amazing results not only for their spa business but also for career enhancement.

It is often seen in times of financial crisis or recessions that training and learning development are one of the first things to be put on hold in a company which is almost always detrimental to the future of the company.

So why should you or your company embark on a digital spa learning journey?

  • Reduce turnover and save on recruitment costs

  • Create higher skill levels leading to more efficiency and fewer errors

  • Create higher morale and levels of motivation

  • Increase staff capacity and capability through a higher skill base

  • Improve quality of service and reputation

  • Improve sustainability and succession planning

Check out the digital spa learning right here.


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