Become a CPD Certified Business Spa Manager! Are you ready to rocket your business into success?

Spas are going from strength to strength, but it is also a fact that the industry is once again facing a crisis. Spas are known for a high turnover but also for burned out therapists. It shows it’s not enough to promote internally but to look for other ways to increase profits in your spa. So the question is not solely “How do I get more bookings?” but how do I get professional and first class managers and therapists and to retain them. Time to tackle the problem expecting therapists with little or no manager training to run a financially successful Spa.

Meet Heidi Grimwood. An internationally recognised spa consultant with over 20 years of worldwide experience in the industry. QE2 ocean liner, One & One Reethi Rah, Maldives, Aghadoe Heights Hotel and Spa, Ireland and Inchydoney Lodge and Spa, Ireland are only a few of her highly successful accolades. The last 5 years Heidi has worked as a Spa business development consultant with huge financial success and is currently expanding her work by developing Spas on local islands in the Maldives. Her goal is to develop Spas in a way that they are not only commercially very successful but also internally with staff and development programs.

In our already immensely digital world, simultaneously the demand for digital development and training increases. “With an international demand for the business spa training and development I found it increasingly difficult to stretch myself out to all locations all of the time”, Heidi explains, “and as I own a digital marketing agency I decided with the help of my development team, to adapt my in-house-training modules into online modules that could be accessed at anytime, anywhere.” Once launched the new training, beta versions were sent out to key spa professionals for feedback and the results were fantastic. The next stage was to get the course accredited so students were able to gain a certification which they could present to their current and potential employers.

So what makes Heidi’s courses different to other online courses?

The personal touch - with every one of her clients and trainees. That’s why she is offering free Skype mentoring sessions for every online attendee. “There is no point in doing the training, wanting to know more about something and not being able to develop.” Heidi stresses. “So the decision to offer Skype sessions was an obvious step because I make sure all students are getting what they need from the course to better equip them to manage their spa.”

So what do you learn and gain in the Business Spa Manager course?

Forget everything what you heard before about increasing profits and getting rave customer reviews. I can assure you with these simple strategies, you will start seeing happier guests within the first few days. And within a few months you will see dramatic improvements in your Spa’s cash flow and before long, you may even find others asking YOU for your “secret”.

But as simple as these steps are, it is not a walk in the park or spa in this case. It is going to take time and effort from your side. But the good news is that it won’t take as much time as you think. Why? Because you found the brilliant Shortcut to Increase your Spa Revenue.

Let me give you an overview of this shortcut method:

  • Step 1: Analyse the turnaround time and extra time you are giving to your therapists each day and see how much revenue you are missing out on

  • Step 2: Up sell clients who book a regular massage. Offer them a hot stone massage and you can increase your revenue by an average of 20% per treatment

  • Step 3: Leave the salon treatments to your local store, no more damage to your bottom line!

Start rocking your business and use what you just discovered above in the link: “Who am I? What is really involved in a Spa Manager’s role?”

And if you are serious about making dramatic, lasting improvements at your Spa, check out the “Spa Management Online Program” I can guarantee you will be thrilled having discovered this amazing program without waiting and suffering years of failures.

So check it out NOW and sign up to this amazing program! The first 100 subscribers will receive 20% off, plus 2 FREE one to one mentoring via Skype with Heidi online!

If you are a company and have more than one person wishing to become certified check out our cost effect membership plans.

Sign up today with one of the membership plans and your spa receive a FREE listing on worth €375

Want more information. Feel free to contact Heidi directly on 085 7330038 or email

What people are saying about the courses

I have 10 years experience in the Spa Industry, including Management positions in well known Irish 4* hotels. I am currently a Spa Therapist and I signed up for this course to gain more knowledge about the Spa Industry, specifically for Spa Management. However, I gained so much more that I expected!!! Firstly, to be the best Spa Therapist & Receptionist that I can be! Secondly, to understand the running of a Spa and manage staff, while controlling costs and making a profit! I am truly inspired by Heidi's knowledge and amazed with the information this course gave me. It has already helped to improve my skills as a Spa Therapist. I have noticed a huge difference already in the workplace, with more returning guests requesting my name. I am so much more motivated to be the best therapist that I can be! Heidi has a calm and logical method of teaching which really inspires me.

I can't speak highly enough of this course. It is the most motivating of Spa Training I have done to date.

Louise O'Regan

Senior Spa Therapist

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