Are You Losing Clients?

It is becoming more apparent as I visit and contact hotels that we are losing our edge on customer care. I am visiting hotel bars for food and finding I am being served by up to 5 people, not getting to know me and no interest in up selling or encouraging me to order more. I have visited a few spas in the past month and the general appearance is good but the attention to detail has gone - soap bottles in the showers NOT in their holders but thrown on the side, mold in showers, hair in the drains, a deep clean wouldn't go amiss either!! Relaxation rooms not tidied up due to minimal manning of staff on a Saturday?? I'm not sure this is working for us really. When I am leaving from my spa days I am not being recommended products (nor in the treatment rooms did the therapists see what I needed, because I need a lot of work!!), they are not encouraging me for a return visit, or getting my details to send me specials. There is no follow up therefore I am not going to be loyal to them.

The hotel bar I visit regularly in Killarney the bar staff remember me and my daughter and makes a fuss of my daughter gets out return business. We eat out a lot, we enjoy good food but regardless of that if we are not minded and remembered we will not return. I am not unique I am just bold enough to state what people are thinking. So take some time in your quiet months to retrain your staff on customer service (I was walked past in the car park of a 5 star hotel by a young man in work uniform and totally ignored as he typed on his phone - that should never happen). Ensure your staff in all departments have the tools and knowledge to up sell, re-book and most important make a positive impression on your guests so they return, they tell their friends and family to visit you and they bring people with them. As the country starts to get back on it's feet only the businesses who remain one step ahead will win - so make sure that's you!

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