Are You Building Your Local Client Portfolio?

If you are a hotel or resort spa building a local portfolio is often over looked especially during peak season when you are so busy with hotel guests. Who wants a local client coming in when you can have a higher paying hotel guest, right?


In the peak times I am sure you could fill your therapist’s columns twice over, meaning the value of each column is far greater through high season. However get to the winter/off peak months and you are fighting to get even one column filled and typically the hourly rate is affected due to additional promotions.

But calculate those local clients who come in every month or a few times a year and see what value they have to your business? Before you dismiss the locals with their smaller, possibly slightly lower paying treatments, how much do they spend with you each year? Do they buy products? Do they bring friends or family? Do they buy gift vouchers at Christmas?

Not looking so shabby after all are they?!

Now I am not blind sighted by the ones who want everything for nothing in peak times and demand samples on the promise they will buy a full priced item one day - that never actually happens. But I am hearing more and more that local clients are not being seen for the value that they actually bring to your spa business. Maybe a voucher for a free visit to your thermal suite or a free hydro bath – it costs your business very little but will mean so much to your customer.

Maybe it’s time to create a small platinum spa club of your high spend regular/local clients. You don’t need to give them discounts but maybe a little thank you gift at Christmas, added value to the treatment they book for being a regular guest. There are so many opportunities to make your local clients feel special and to acknowledge their loyalty to your business.

If you are a resort spa on a private island make the staff your brand ambassadors. Believe me not everyone is ‘saving’ all their wages and let’s face it, there are limited options when work finishes. Maybe organise a monthly staff night, this will give the resort staff an opportunity to experience your spa and facilities and they will tell their guests.

Take some time today and calculate your top paying local guests. How much do they bring to your business and how much more could they bring if you paid a little attention to them? Are they members of a local golf club, yummy mummy’s group, sports club – all these are potential group bookings that your spa is not getting but believe me your competitors are! Do you know all you need to do is invite them.

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