Are Hotel Spas a Thing of the Past?

Worldwide there are approximately 87,000 hotel spas according to European Spa Magazine.  Ireland experienced a surge of newly built hotel spas during the Celtic Tiger. Then slowly they started to fade away. They are still there, running day to day however you don’t hear about them in their glory like you did a few years ago. There is a price war between many hotel spas and very few are standing by their brand and shouting:


With the added pressure of newly emerged competition of the higher end beauty salons and day spas, are people ever going to get the wow factor from their spa experience anymore?

Once upon a time people bragged about the luxury and pampering they received on their spa day but now the fruit kebabs, smoothies, eye pillows and luxury blankets are part and parcel of every spa and many luxury salons. So the question is, what can hotel spas do to re launch them and bring back the WOW factor?

A tactical marketing campaign working with current clients, referral schemes, clients they may have lost to competitors and hotel residents. Many spa managers and business owners over look the basic detail of data retrieval. By seeing who your guests are, what they want and how much they are willing to pay.

I think the time has come to put a stop to the price war that is simply putting spas out of business or a huge financial burden on the hotel’s finances. 

What is you USP? What sets you aside from all the rest? If your spa is not making money then you need to assess what is missing.

I was once told that there is no point in blaming the recession for all your failures. Because when you become successful again you have no scope to claim victory on your achievements.

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