Are Facebook Insights Accurate Anymore?

I’m not one to vent, I am usually a cup half full kinda gal and I will always overcome challenges. But I think any digital marketer or business owner will agree 2018 has been the biggest struggle for gaining reach, especially on Facebook.

So when I saw that one of our posts was extremely popular on our Go to the Spa directory Facebook page, my assumption was that it achieved awesome reach too. How can it not? I’m no math genius but the stats just don’t add up to me.

Let’s take a look at the screenshot below:

OK so as you can see 38 people liked or loved the post. Happy days!

It got shared 11 times! Woohoo

So why the heck did it only manage to reach 120 people?!?!??!?

To me there is something seriously amiss. This is not the first post I have flagged lately that has shown poor reach even though the engagement rate was high.

Like I said I’m no math genius but even if I get no more additional reach from 38 people liking the post, if 11 people shared it and if we say people have an average of 300 friends on Facebook, surely a mare 120 reach is impossible – it has to be greater!!

I would love your feedback, insight and words of wisdom about this because today I am officially stumped.

Happy Friday 😊

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