Are Consultations Really Important in a Spa? Here’s My Top 5 Ways to Boost Your Business Financially

As I travel around Ireland and the Maldives consulting in spas it has become clear that there is no consistency with consultations. This has been my experience over the past few months:

  • Consultation completed and therapist never looks at it.

  • Consultation completed, therapist looks at it and doesn’t ask any questions.

  • No consultation completed, therapist doesn’t ask any questions.

  • No consultation complete, therapist makes casual conversation.

I feel we have lost the reasons why a guest needs to complete a consultation form in the first place. There are more reasons than just to ‘sell’ after care.

In this blog I am going to highlight the important of spa consultations and how it will positively impact your business financially.

  • Obtaining Guest Details for Further Marketing

By asking our guest to complete their consultation form and asking if they would like to be kept updated with spa news and promotions, means you have what we call a ‘warm lead’. A warm lead is someone who has already shown an interest in your spa. You have a better chance of converting them to a sale through treatments and/or products. It takes 7 points of contact to convert a cold lead to a sale, so if you already have a database of warm leads your sales process shortens!

  • Building a Relationship by Getting to Know Your Guest

People buy from people. Giving a spa treatment is a very personal thing. We often hear people say ‘I really connected with him/her, I’ll definitely book with them again’. When you have a connection with a client it means they are more likely to book with you again. Re-bookings are really important in your spa business. It is a very expensive process to always look for new clients, plus getting more re bookings will mean they naturally become brand ambassadors for you and your business.

  • Word of Mouth

I know these are crazy words coming for someone with a Masters in Digital Marketing but word of mouth is still the most powerful form of advertising. This will never change. So use your people in #2 – your brand ambassadors and let them do the marketing for you. Encourage them to bring friends with wonderful vouchers or bring a friend for half price type promotions (obviously we limit these for off peak times and manage it well). Even Facebook sees the importance of people promoting businesses so when a business has people liking and sharing their posts Facebook sees this as a positive sign and gives that business more air time because people are liking what they read.

  • Legal Obligation

Many spa managers are asking me about the new GDP regulations. It is not an area I am delving into at the moment with blogs as it really depends on what data you are storing, what software you have, digital platforms you are using. It’s a fairly broad question that requires more than a quick blog. However it is your legal obligation to get the right information from your client, store the details in a secure place and file away for further record keeping. If a client comes back to you with a complaint – you can easily refer to the consultation form, any notes your therapist might had made etc. Check with the relevant department in your company to ensure you are GDPR compliant.

  • After Care Advise

Retail, retail, retail. That’s all a therapist thinks when we discuss recommending products and after care to our clients. But as a true professional, can you really say you are doing an excellent job if you let your client go home and undo all the good work you have done for them? Whether you have eased out tight knots in their back, or made their skin look 10 years younger. Is it really good customer care to let them go back home and carry on their old habits? No – it’s not. So when you are recommending home care remember that you are giving people advise and tips that they probably don’t know or have forgotten. If they really aren’t interested they will tell you. Don’t forget it’s not all about the products – free after care is also essential.

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