A Massage for Only €10? I Don't Believe It!

Hot Stone Massage

Sounds too good to be true right? Well after a rough week with tense sore muscles, sleepless nights and a constant headache I decided enough was enough I needed a massage.

'A massage?'

'Wow that's expensive.'

'I'd love one but I can't afford it.'

Really? Can't afford it? We can't afford to make ourselves feel better and give ourselves a better quality of life? Because last night I had the best nights sleep I've had in weeks. The tension has gone from my back. I don't have a headache any more and I feel amazing! It was worth every penny I spent.

Tip - When marketing our treatments we need to stop thinking our clients always know the benefits of massage. Well it's like healthy eating, we know what we are meant to do but doing it is another thing altogether. So remind your clients why they need a massage. Ask a question in your promotions. As simple as;

'Do you suffer from headaches?'

Do you feel lethargic?'

The list goes on but you get my drift?

Sell the benefits of a massage as much as the pampering because unlike before when people didn't know what a spa looked like, these days it's more about, what do you have that is different from the rest?

I know the burning question is:

'How do we offer a massage for only €10?!?!?!!'

It's very simple.

Simply encourage your clients to save just €10 per week and every 10 weeks (or less if your massages are cheaper than €100) your clients can come and visit your spa for some divine pampering, replenishment and recuperation. Better than any medicine on the market!!

It's that simple. And €10 is a bottle of wine, or a packet of cigarettes or 3 steaks from the butchers!

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