5 Tips to Avoid Last Minute Empty Column Panic

Last Minute Panic Marketing to Fill That White Space in Therapists Columns

You are closing up the end of the day and you see that there is far too much white space in tomorrow columns. So you panic, get a quick promo up on social media and maybe your website and hope to at least get a small reprieve.

But wait, why is it you are only checking your columns now to see what bookings look like tomorrow? What impact will this have on your payroll percentage at the end of the week and month? Not to mention your overall revenue.

But you say, you are busy and you don’t have time to do everything right? You might be in and out of treatments, meetings or be knee deep in a huge stock take. So a plan needs to be set in place.

I always remind spa managers that yes they are responsible for their spa revenue but in order for it to work well and continue to work well you need to empower your team to take ownership too. What happens when you go on holiday or if you are off sick? Does the business come to a standstill until you return? Who is running your spa on your days off? Who is managing your business?

Marketing Plan

In order to ensure you are maximising every opportunity you need to have a firm marketing plan in place. Many hotel spas leave this up to their marketing department and then complain they are not getting enough support when their business is quiet. The reality is as a spa manager you need to work with your marketing department and get a plan in place. It is not all their responsibility. Marketing should not happen when you are quiet all of a sudden and you panic, but it should be consistent.

Reception Management

Your reception team should be your eyes on the columns. Train them to watch every single day, update you on developments and also advise you when there might be a day later in the week or the following week that looks particularly quiet. Then as a team you should discuss the initiatives you will implement to ensure that every step has been taken to improve bookings.

Therapist Re-bookings and Up-sell

Your therapists should, as part of the guest journey, be re-booking their guests or up-selling the treatment if they have time after that guest. It should not be a case that when it is quiet therapists are encouraged to give more time and effort to their guests. This process, once again should be part and parcel of the guest journey.

Get Out of Your Spa

If your business is quiet you need to get out of your spa and start meeting people. If you are part of a hotel or resort spend some time walking around the lounge, bar, restaurant areas and chatting with guests asking how their stay has been and getting to know them. If you are a day spa, get out and meet local business owners, chat with them, invite them in for a discounted treatment, if they are on your door step they can easily become your local brand ambassadors.

Corporate Initiatives

There are so many corporate opportunities and I still think this area is very much underutilized in many spas. In large corporate companies you have employees on good salaries that have disposable income each month. They will use your spa and they will bring their friends and family. Plus they will return to work and tell their work colleagues. It’s a no brainer to develop your corporate clients.

So stop panic marketing and start planning ahead. It’s better to have a waiting list rather than sending your therapists home because you have no bookings.

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